Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Connections to History

Animal Farm is actually an allegorical representation of the Soviet union particularly between the 1910's and the 1940's. the animals throw out Mr. Jones and replaced him with their own as the Russians threw out old government and adopted Communism. even the changing of the name of the farm is like how Russia became the Soviet union. The hoof and horn flag of animal farm is meant to resemble the hammer and sickle of the Soviet union. the founding of animalism is founded by Old major who is an allegorical representation of Karl Marx the founder of modern communism. Marx believed that just as capitalism replaced feudalism, so must communism replace capitalism. The writing of the seven commandments in animal farm were to prevent the animals from falling victim to human vices. Napoleon, the allegorical representation of Joseph Stalin, tweaks the seven commandments to cover up his failures or wrongdoings. The changes became so major that the old and new were blended to become one and the same, a misinterpreted version of Karl Marx's Communism. Beneficial only to those drunk with absolute power, whether it be over a farm or a superpower nation.

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