Monday, January 10, 2011

Correspondent- Napoleon to Himself.

Around 3-4 weeks have passed since we fought back with Mr. Jones. We have officially names this farm, the Animal Manor. My plan is going along smoothly, the dogs have grown tremendously, the piglets have caught on very quickly with their reading and the rest of the animals are naive and give us all the food we need. The only thing standing in my way is Snowball. He is just stupid to get in my way. I mean like, seriously? Who does he think he is? I am the one worthy of controlling this farm and it's going to be mine. I have arranged for a meeting this week in which I will rid this farm of Snowball. He wants to build a windmill. How dumb is that? He is encouraging the other animals that we should build it, so we can have energy and the work would be less vigorous. So at the meeting while he is talking, my dogs are going to chase his out of this place and he won't be in my way anymore. Thus, I'm going to be in total control, it's plain and simple. This is going to be fun.

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